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The Story Behind The Podcast

Mother-daughter duo Balinda Olive-Beltran and  LaShonti Turner created a non-profit after working through the personal challenges they faced in their lives. The two are the creators behind the hit podcast What Is A Little Girl Suppose To Do. After hard times, both women put their faith in God and each other to work through the hurt and pain they experienced. These two strong women credit God for helping them through and healing their hearts. This podcast talks about the challenges today's men and women face. The message is that no one has to go through the pain and suffer on their own. If someone is hurting, they need to reach out and ask for help. Turn to God, turn to loved ones, or turn to someone in your church or community you trust. No one should have to suffer in silence, and this podcast is proof of that.

Olive-Beltran and Turner are living testimonies of what God can do for anyone and everyone that believes in a Higher power. Their painful life experiences and paths to healing are shared to inspire others, teach, and show the strength and power to overcome life's painful obstacles. Through the podcast What Is A Little Girl Suppose To Do, the two hope to touch the lives of others. This podcast will start those tough conversations about the hurt and pain that can come with certain life experiences. It will motivate you to tell someone and speak your truth, trust in people, and believe that there are good people in the world who will want to listen and help. This podcast will teach you to trust in yourself and end that painful journey of destruction and pain. Through this powerful podcast, a listener will strive for healing, love, peace, harmony, and forgiveness of oneself.