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About the hosts


Schizophrenia Survivor Balinda Olive-Beltran from a young age knew that she wanted to help people. Olive-Beltran aspired to achieve greatness in her life through service to others. Before she could be of service to others, though, Olive-Beltran had to help herself through a challenging time: a period of paranoid schizophrenia. Olive-Beltran suffered for almost ten years with this scary and heartbreaking disorder. In the process of healing, she left no stone unturned in conquering all the resistances related to her disorder. Beltran now fulfills her life's dream by helping others who share a similar life experience and are dealing with or have dealt with mental health issues or schizophrenia. Along with her daughter LaShonti Turner, Olive-Beltran has embarked on a journey to share their message and life experiences with others. They do this through their faith-based podcast, What Is A Little Girl Suppose To Do. The two say their ultimate motivation is to testify about the challenges and impediments they faced in their lives and encourage others to fight to save their own lives. Olive-Beltran emphasizes that people need to have faith and believe in themselves. She says a person needs to trust in God and know in their hearts that God has mapped out a beautiful plan for their lives filled with amazing experiences and challenges that a person likely has not anticipated for themselves. Through God, a person can find the strength to tell their story, fight for their life, and start the healing process.​​ In her spare time, Olive-Beltran loves creating, designing, and painting memory rocks. She also enjoys writing poetry. Olive-Beltran has published three books as well. Hear her story on her hit podcast What Is A Little Girl Suppose To Do


While most children shy away from public speaking, LaShonti Turner was the opposite. From a young age, Turner says that she craved to be on stage and partake in public speaking opportunities. She wanted to be on stage, she wanted to be speaking, and she loved that while doing so, the truest version and most vulnerable version of herself came out into the spotlight. On the stage, Turner says she could share her reality. She could talk about her view of life occasions and bring light to some facts that nobody had ever heard from her before. Growing up, Turner had often found herself in situations where she needed to be the caretaker of others. Many people have depended on her to listen and help guide them through their troubles and misfortunes. Being an active listener, Turner was a natural at helping those in need. Along the way, Turner realized that many of the troubles people have in their lives stem from mishaps and traumas in their childhoods. Her experiences with helping others have helped guide her with the podcast she shares with her mother entitled What Is A Little Girl Suppose To Do. Turner is touched when someone listens to her podcast and lets her know that the message and stories have touched their lives or that they can identify with the issues highlighted on her podcast. Turner says she aspires to raise awareness about the different types of abuse. She wants to help people heal from and get away from threatening and dangerous circumstances. Catch Turner and her mother Balinda Olive-Beltran on their faith-based podcast What Is A Little Girl Suppose To Do.

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